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Auchentoshan Three Wood

The Strange Unraveling

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15th Feb 2020


Auchentoshan Three Wood
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I picked up this bottle a few years ago and had it laying around, not really sure when to open it. During the Xmas holidays of 2019 into 2020 I popped it open finally. Expecting the same experience (or similar) that I had with the Auch 12 - I was strangely, how should we say... disappointed.

Upon the initial opening the nose was enjoyable. Robust fruits with citrus, tangerines, oranges, apple juice and a hint of faint vanilla. The palate however was nothing like that. It was woody, dry and barely sweet. The finish, was subtle at best.

Clearly I wasn't very impressed, it was average at most. Dash of water wasn't that helpful. My experience with the 12 previously was much more interesting. So I had 2-3 more drams and put the Three Wood away.

One month later, I revisited the bottle. With appx. a quarter missing I poured a dram and let it sit. I used a snifter this time instead.

Nose - Big, BIG raisins. Dark berries, grape juice, sweet fruits, chocolate. Crushed dark fruits in a glass is what we get now.

Palate - Sweet, big fruits, wood, sherry, more berries, and a rich delicious mouth feel.

Finish - Slightly woody, a little dry, lingering fruit and sweetness that is no longer subtle.

In the end, we went from a average dram to a delicious dram. Strange unraveling I'd say. This is the only whisky so far that I had that's benefited from a snifter rather then a Glencairn.

In conclusion, letting this one sit out makes its true colors shine, even if it takes a month. The Three Wood is a gentle one, yet sweet and fruitful if you're patient.

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