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Backbone Bourbon Uncut Single Barrel

Buttery Cinnamon Toast

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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

30th Jan 2022


Backbone Bourbon Uncut Single Barrel
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  • Brand: Backbone Bourbon
  • ABV: 61.6%

I was at an “unofficial” tasting event at my favorite local shop where some “enthusiasts” brought some bottles to share and the store owner let us all sample the newest store picks. One of the store picks was this Backbone Bourbon Uncut Single Barrel. And it was delicious, so I bought one. It is distilled in Indiana, so I assumed it was MGP, but upon further review, it seems they stopped using MGP and have since sourced other distillers. This bottling is 8 years old and is bottled at 123 proof.

Neat in a glencairn. Bottle # 20/160

Nose: Butter slathered oak, cinnamon, vanilla, refined white sugar, red apple skin, and a slight bready note. Warming and toasty. Very nice. Smells just like buttery cinnamon toast with some sugar sprinkled on top. It’s nostalgiac even, remembering fondly one of my favorite childhood breakfast foods.

Palate: Strong, bold palate flexing it’s 123 proof. And it tastes much like it smells. Buttery cinnamon toast with some red apple skins thrown in. Actually on second sip the red apple skin and vanilla becomes much more prominant. I think I had a similar red apple skin note with Weller 107, although this is not wheated. Interesting.

Finish: Oak, cinnamon, vanilla, and apple skin linger.

Overall: Lovely stuff. Bold flavor, and I just really enjoy the oaky, buttery cinammon toast and then the cinammon apples that follow. Really good store pick.