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Bakery Hill Classic

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Bakery Hill Classic

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Bakery Hill Classic

David Baker is the man behind the Bakery Hill Distillery in Australia. They use Australian ‘Schooner’ barley for the production of their single malt. This is their first expression: Bakery Hill Classic Malt. It is not colored nor chill filtered and matured on small bourbon casks of 50 and 100 litres.

The nose is light and fruity on all kinds of citrus. Some sugared breakfast cereals and vanilla. A floral element as well. In all honesty, this reminds me somewhat of Auchentoshan. A hint of coconut. Slowly but surely some juicy pineapple joins in. Fine nose.

The arrival is soft, though spicy. The fruitiness turns somewhat bitter. White grapefruit. A hint of bubblegum. Zesty as well. Not overly complex, but quite nice for a summer night.

The finish is medium long, but without frills.

This is clearly a young malt, but a fine summer dram. Thanks to Niek & Ilse who brought me a miniature.


My wife and I, along with my brother and sister in law, had gone to a series of Australian whisky tastings at Helvetica. I was very excited as I'd recently tried quite a few of these whiskies at The Grove when I was down in Margaret River.

Even cooler the head distiller/owner of Limeburners was going to be at this tasting event titled: The State of Origin (It's an Aussie thing.)

I'd just had a Swedish whisky: Penderyn Aur Cymru which while decent, wasn't all that I'd been hoping for.

The first Australian whisky that we were trying was Bakery Hill Classic Malt from Victoria. I'd tried Bakery Hill before, although I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same expression and had been fairly pleased with it.

So we sit down and we decide to start nosing our tasting glasses.

Not a half bad nose.

Aromas of apples, spices, honey and sultanas hit my nose. It's not a bad nose and is kind of interesting to try and pinpoint what spices. I do believe I'm picking up some cinnamon, but I'm not completely sure.

As we're finishing nosing the whisky a gentleman who is dressed in a suit comes in and my wife overhears that he is Cameron, the big man from Limeburners!

However first things first.

Time for my favorite part of whisky exploration!

The tasting!

As I take a sip the whisky is fairly sweet with honey and sultanas coming through nice and clear. There's some spices there, tastes a bit like nutmeg.

Finish is quite sweet and lingers on the tongue with honey and vanilla.

Not a bad whisky. Not a great whisky. Can be a bit difficult to find at times, at least in Perth as the most common Australian whisky seems to be Sullivan's Cove. Price for the average bottle will probably be around the lines of $90 to $100, but like I said you're going to have to hunt for it.

I bought a CS Peated version of Bakery Hill while in Melbourne, last month, and it is a really nice dram. But you do have to spend the extra bit to get the cask strength; the 40% classics are a bit weak tasting.

Agreed Oliver, The peated version I've heard nothing but good things about. Was eying it in a shop the other day.

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