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Bakery Hill Peated Malt Cask Strength

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Bakery Hill Peated Malt Cask Strength

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Bakery Hill Peated Malt Cask Strength

The Peated Malt from Bakery Hill also exists on cask strength. While they now use Australian peat, the first releases were actually created with peat from the UK. It’s one of those that I will be trying today.

The nose is not as sweet as that of its brothers. Rather a hint of cooked vegetables. The peat, which dominated the first whiff, fades gently to make room for some cocoa butter sweetness, as well as brown sugar and honey. Some peach as well. Then it evolves towards leather and unroasted coffee beans. Not the best nose, but certainly the most interesting.

Despite the high ABV, this one if quite quaffable. Warm, sure, and spicy as well. Chili pepper, ginger and a nice smokiness from the peat. Yes, that is more like it. Then I get some stone fruit and toffee, as well as breakfast cereals and vanilla. Some berries to. I quite like it.

The finish is quite long and warm with some liquiorice and a bit of menthol at the death.

Clearly the best from the Bakery Hill stables, but to be honest, they are all quite young and it shows. Thanks to Niek & Ilse who brought me a miniature.


Matured in Tasmania with none of that artificial or industrialised behaviour this is a cask strength whisky enriched with peat

  • Nose: grassy, floral, smooth by any standard given the ABV, gentle earthy peat, juicy stone fruits peaches and nectarines slowly opens up to reveal some vanilla fudge. With water big time vanilla and Turkish delight, peat was gentle before it’s really not there at all now, more tobacco though.

  • Pallet: pretty hot as expected, but it’s not savage, it is spicy as in chilli, but fruit notes are there, peat is still gentle and even some vanilla little big of sea spray as well. With water spicy arrival, more nectarine there now, peat more prominent in the development, earthiness is still there, provides nice contrast, beautiful candied vanilla.

  • Finish: Vanilla fades out, ginger, almond and some tobacco smoke fades out, nice spices to a cigar finish! With water mouth filling, vanilla dulls down to end pretty savoury and earthy, not much tobacco here this changes a lot with water, there is almost a foosty note

  • Mark neat -8.3, with water – 8.5.

Really good stuff, id look out for this where-ever you are. This is another whisky favoured by Jim Murray, who gave it 92.5

Thanks for a slew of very nice reviews tonight. I hope, for the sake of your good health, that you didn't sample them all in one night!

@WhiskyBee to right. No no definatley not in the same night. Although all the recent australian reviews were one night, and all those Islay numbers were a different night


Two years ago Niek & Ilse came back from Australia with a couple of bottles from Bakery Hill in Victoria. They brought me back a couple of miniatures as well, including this Bakery Hill Peated Cask Strength.

Ha, a very aromatic nose with loads of white fruit, but also vanilla and cherries. Sweet like cherry juice, a bit like glühwein. And yet. It also has a lovely salty element on the nose, maybe due to the peat that was used? It is very prominent, without becoming dominant. Well seasoned. With water, the fruit fades a bit to make room for wet earth and water plants.

The powerful attack first offers a whole plethora of spices, before the fruit kicks in. Again cherry juice, upholstered with toffee and acacia honey. The peat is just great. The smoke really enhances the whole. Diluted it becomes even more accessible and sweeter still. Cherries all the way.

The finish, even diluted, is wonderfully long and smoky sweet.

A great whisky from Down Under, actually. The peat works wonders with the sweet esters. Not exactly cheap with a price tag of about 120 AUD (shipping not included), but well worth the effort. Unfortunately not available in Europe since the domestic demand already outstrips the supply.

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