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Balvenie 17 Year Old DoubleWood


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@Nemesis101Review by @Nemesis101

29th Jun 2013


Balvenie 17 Year Old DoubleWood
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This caught my eye a few weeks ago, (in the supermarket of all places). The 12yo Double Wood has always been a reliable whisky and was one of the culprits in getting me addicted to single malt many years ago.

I first tried this new 17yo with a friend at around 2am after a night out on beers. Our general thoughts were that it was nice enough but not worth the asking price, (£70). Now trying it whilst a bit more sober.....

Nose is of orange and chocolate. Don't remember that from my first try. There's a strong hint of spices and vanilla too. This is good!

The Palate is like an orange dessert, almost soufflé like. Dark chocolate too. Dare I say liquer chocolate with Cointreau. Absolutely gorgeous stuff.

Finish is very very strong on vanilla, and lasting.

And there we have it folks. The classic example of why never to try expensive single malts when a bit tipsy. Did not appreciate how good this was at first, but now trying whilst more aware it has gone right up the list to rival my favourite ever malts. Strongly recommended.

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Victor commented

Orange and chocolate out of The Balvenie? Really? Interesting.

I hope to try it,...maybe side by side with a glass of Compass Box Orangerie. (Or vatted with it)

10 years ago 0

Nemesis101 commented

Yep! I was surprised too. Just finishing off my review sample now and it's definitely still there, (wouldn't surprise me if different reviewers all pick up unique tastes with this one though).

10 years ago 0

Nemesis101 commented

I like to review everything uninfluenced so try not to read other reviews or tasting notes beforehand.

I've now read some reviews and the official notes of this and they all claim vanilla and spice but not a word on orange/chocolate, (strongly there for me though). I'd be very curious to hear some other reviews of this now.

10 years ago 0

Wills commented

Good review my friend :)

Like the fact, that you try to make your thoughts/notes before reading them from others. I always try the same. Then I come back and try to find some of the mentioned stuff. But not too hard.

Btw. I thought I also did also find oranges in the 12yo Doublewood...

10 years ago 0