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Battle of the Belgian Whisky festivals

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rowin started a discussion

Hi all,

The weekend of 5-7 february there are 2 big whisky festivals in Belgium. 1 in Gent www.whiskyfestival.be and 1 in Spa www.whisky-live.be

Today I heard from a friend of mine that he heard that we shouldn't go to the Gent festival but instead go to the one in Spa.

Anyone any thoughts?


9 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

@Rowin, I guess that depends on the reasons your friend gave you, no? Care to share? I'm definitely going to Gent as that's where I live. I hear great things about that Festival.

9 years ago 0

cave replied

I have been to the festival in Ghent before ! It really is a great festival and I always look forward to it ! All the big distilleries have representives there, waiting for your thoughts or questions ! I can't tell you anything about the Spa festival !

9 years ago 0

Pierre replied

So, guys, how is it there are so many of you (Belgians) here? Is whisky really big in Belgium? Or are Belgians just better at joining in? Seems to me of the really active members a high proportion are from the land of frites!

9 years ago 0

rowin replied

@markjedi1 he didn't give me a reason really, he was in a liquor store and a guy there told him so :) I'm definitely going to Gent too, already have tickets, but I was wondering if we should go to Spa too actually :D

@Piero It seems to me the whisky community is really booming here in Belgium :)

9 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes replied

It's true, I don't know any other country with such a large concentration of whisky clubs and shops.

9 years ago 0

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