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Benriach 12 Year Old Heredotus Fumosus Pedro Ximinez Peated

A journey in peated Speyside

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@galgReview by @galg

17th May 2010


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Color : Gold. (no color was added, no caramel)

Nose: Are we in Speyside or in Islay !? Had you given me the nose sans telling me it’s BenRiach, i would opt for the latter. What a nose! Loads of peat, sweet peat. Who said sherry and peat don’t mix well (hint : Jim Murray. – so what!). this is a wonderful nose my friends. I just love it. peat , smoke, sherry notes in the backdrop (without the Islay medicinal, Iodine seaweed et al) . one could sniff this dram all day long. It’s a thing of beauty. Some vanilla notes, and wee lemony note (citrus). the best peated Speyside I've sniffed to date. period. it’s not one dimensional, but not the most complex nose around. Yet, i love it!

palate: Peat , and then some more peat. sweet notes in addition. I’d say Smoked Bacon in Caramel-Teriyaki sauce. The PX finish gives a sherry mood and touch to the finish, but is not too imposing. balance. at 46% it’s nice but i would love to get to taste this sweetie at CS. A but more impact will do it well. There is also a certain spiciness to it.

Finish : smoke,peat, spice and sweet ending on behalf of the PX… great length.

Summing it up:

A good dram indeed. I love the nose, and the palate is nice enough. Very impressive in my opinion for a peated speyside. It’s peaty, it’s strong, and the sherry does complement this malt. I have not tasted the other 2 different finishes of this 12 year old (Rum,Port) , but i sure would love to try those out as well in the future. When i am in Peat mood, i can see how i can really connect with this one. It goes straight to my wish list (not top 5 but top 10 on the wish list) , that i can tell you (for now i have only a wee sample left). The price is also right, and for around £30,which is not bad at all.

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jdcook commented

Sounds fascinating!

13 years ago 0

galg commented

jd, get this one. i love it.

13 years ago 0

Pierre commented

Might just add this to my wishlist

13 years ago 0

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