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Benriach 12 Year Old Sherry Wood

Gooey/SweetandSour Sherry Goodness

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LReview by @Lifewaterforce

11th May 2015


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In these times of high demand regarding quality whiskies, whether it be at high or low prices, it is very hard as an average whisky enthusiast to know where to spend your money. Luckily reviews are abundant, but batch variations and the sometimes confusing variation in reviews regarding a particular whisky can really make it complicated.

Should you buy this Benriach 12? If you like quality whiskies and you appreciate sherry finishes then the answer is YES. I can recommend this even to those of you who are deep in the sherry "rabbit hole" of old, well aged sherry monsters, as the quality in this steps it up and crucially it would be a refreshing experience coming from an older sherried malt to this one.

Nose: Wonderfull dynamic sherry, sweet with a balanced sourness. Winegums. Nutty, pecan and walnuts specifically. Cinammon on the tail.

Palate: A syrupy almost "gooey" sherry that makes you salivate. Nutty and almost buttery, this is dense high quality sherry, and it works so well with the malt. A bit of campfer and touch of salt. Dates and damp weeds (interesting) and menthol cake ala Glenfarclas 15.

Finish: The pungent sherry sweet&sour lingers with a bit of saltniess and a note of blood-oranges precedes the curtain call.

This is not the most complex sherry malt you will encounter by any stretch, but it has enough natural complexity to satisfy your demands as an enthusiast and if you need an uncomplicated young quality sherry finished tipple when you are in the mood. Then this is about as perfect as you can have it.

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BARutledge commented

Nice Post LWF!

I had a Benriach at Spirits of Toronto a couple of weeks ago, and remember thinking it reminded me a bit of the Glendronach 15 yr Sherry Revival Cask, which I like quite a bit. Perhaps I am treading on the slippery slope of the sherry rabbit hole you speak of...

I unfortunately cannot remember which Benriach it was, but I do remember enjoying the taste. The event was fun, but a little chaotic...

5 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

Thanks BARutledge! The Glendronach 15 is pretty much the ultimate go-to sherry finished whisky right now, as far as scotch goes. If you find an affordable Benriach i suggest you get one, as the quality is peaking about now. Coincidentaly, it is Benriach that are owners of Glendronach distillery. Both distilleries are excellent choices though

5 years ago 0

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