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Benriach 12 Year Old Sherry Wood

Ordo ab Chao

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@CunundrumReview by @Cunundrum

2nd Aug 2015


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This whisky's a "darkie." Is that racist to say? Ah well, I'm standing by my initial observation of its swarthy Moorish complexion (as in Othello). Nose: grotty and festering just the way I likes it. Old lodge pine wood, tarry shingle in summer heat, hot dry red dirt clay, muddy football cleats, smoky leather, distant sherry knell, ringing of that bell, do tell? Mouth: Very bourbonesque and this surprises. Could pass for a bourbon. Very cherry and hairy dimpled raspberry; sugar sweet, unctuous, servile platitudes, vanilla soda. What happened to the promising complexity of the nose? Finish: maraschino cherries, vanilla ice cream, camphor oil, nice quality bourbon, a bit thin in terms of the mouth feel but not astringent. Bourbon drinkers might like this one, but I am disappointed. In all fairness, it is a bit flat due to a dried out cork that sucked air for a week or so. Gotta love 110 degree heat at the 45th parallel of North America--not!

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