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Benriach 12 Year Old Sherry Wood

Pedroloroso Ximinez!

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@TheConscienceReview by @TheConscience

14th Sep 2013


Benriach 12 Year Old Sherry Wood
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Convergences. Gotta love 'em. In this case, great reviews, an attractive profile, and an astonishingly fair price from our local population-fleecing institution (the LCBO), converged to compel the purchase of this fine whisky. Without hyperbole, my favourite sherry matured whisky to date (or a close tie, at least, with Glenfarclas 17).

Nose: very rich and aromatic with cherries, jam, raisin, toffee, dark chocolate, and baking spices

Palate: sweet arrival with spices up front. More cherries, sherry, red fruits, and cocoa.

Finish: warming and lingering. Figs and red fruit with a prolonged spice (cinnamon). A nice balance of dry and spicy, and sweet and fruity.

A fantastic whisky, especially for the price (I think it was around $68 at the LCBO). So good, in fact, that I tracked down one of the last 5 bottles in Ontario for my brother (a fan of sherried whiskies).

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hunggar commented

I agree that this is a great dram. It was one of the first sherried whiskies that I fell in love with. A bit too sweet to be a favorite, but it's damn good stuff, especially for the price (roughly $40 CAN here in Taiwan). Sweet, rich, and complex. Wonderful after dinner/dessert dram. Thanks for the great review, I've been trying to spread the word myself about this under-appreciated whisky!

10 years ago 0

TheConscience commented

Thanks for the comment. I thought about spreading the word too, but this went fast in Ontario so, clearly, people figured out that it was quite decent for the price. I'm hoping that the LCBO will bring this one back (without arbitrarily jacking up the price that is...).

10 years ago 0

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