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Benriach 13 Year Old Maderensis Madeira Finish

Dark Angel

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

20th Jan 2014


Benriach 13 Year Old Maderensis Madeira Finish
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BenRiach 13 year old Madeira Finish, known as "Maderensis Fumonsus", was the number one treat for me at our Speyside blind tasting. I guess I've learned something about BenRiach, 'cause I managed to guess the distillery and age.

BenRiach has found it's way to my heart, they surely know how to make a peaty whisky versatile without losing the smokiness.

BenRiach 13 yrs Maderensis Fumonsus was very steady with the smoke, it didn't run out. Still it gave me lots of other things as well. It was dark but sweet, truly a Dark Angel.

Nose: Steady smoke that starts out strongly and stays sophisticated all the way in the background. Slightly peaty and fruity. Gets more zesty when water added.

Taste: Peaty with clearing smoke. Sweet like wine. Water ads softness and gives some dryness in the shape of dark chocolate. Could there be toffee as well? Whatever it was, it was dark!

Finish: Dark fruits and bitter-sweet peat.

Balance: Richly smoky dram with darkness dominating the palate, yet lots of color in the background.

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