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BenRiach 1991 (18 years old) Tokaji Hogshead Finish

The king of whiskies

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11th Oct 2012


BenRiach 1991 (18 years old) Tokaji Hogshead Finish
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The title place was not enough, because the title I would have liked to write: The whisky of the kings, the king of whiskies. This reflects to an ancient latin sentence connected to that particular type of wine, of which hogsheads were used in the maturing process of this BenRiach. The sentence is: Vinum regnum, rex vinorum - in English it is: The wine of the kings, the king of wines. Anyway, this whisky-hogshead combo is a majestic pair.

For the first time I tasted it a year ago at the II. Whisky Show in Hungary. The next time was two weeks ago at the Whisky Day in HU too. And in the meanwhile I bought a bottle, but I have not opened it, since it is a very limited edition - only 821 bottles were filled.

Nose: the smell is enormously affected by the maturation, as you can clearly feel the Tokaji signs - roasted almond, honey and little burnt sawdust.

Body: a combination of the soft speysider - sweet malt, full-bodied but not heavy, fruity - and a first class hungarian - strenghten the body, made it more oily, however it leaves the whisky comfortable.

Palate: you can feel the fruits exploding into your face - grapes, sultanas, almonds - complemented with honey and sawdust hints (but in a very pleasant way).

Finish: long and very enjoyable; the typical sings of the wine came back and it starts dominating over the whisky.

Balance: a very carefully made perfect balance, the way how whisky maturing in wine casks should be done.

Thank you BenRiach, just go on with your job. You have got a new fan!

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