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Benromach 10 Year Old 100 Proof


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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

27th May 2016


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In February 2015 I read a “game-changing” review by @MaltActivist. I had tried the standard Benromach 10 a couple of years earlier (prior to the rebranding) and it was good, especially with milk chocolate. But the way he described this whisky it became a must have for me. Here are links to his review and video:

connosr.com/reviews/benromach/… maltactivist.com/benromach-10-100-proof/

Just over a year after I read the review, my brother told me he would be stopping in London for a few days with his family (2 adults….2280 ccs of spirit!) in March and would be willing to bring over anything that I might want to order that I couldn’t get here. I was shocked to find this available AND reasonably priced. Although it came into my possession in March it took all the willpower I could muster to wait another 2 months and open this bottle at the Ontario Summit. I found it quite enjoyable but it was in the context of 39 other spirits I tried that day. This is my first chance to get back to it. The bottle has been open 4 days, gassed after first use, and is reviewed in my usual manner, first neat, then with a few drops of water (and then more water) and a chance to open up.

Nose :

Neat – initially, as was my experience at the Ontario Summit, the nose appeared a bit muted. But left covered for 20 minutes it develops a beautiful complex, sweet nose. I get leather, white wine, dark fruits (prunes), granny smith apple. In the background a hint of chocolate, some tobacco (unlit). Beautiful nose! 24/25

With water- I get a hint of menthol. The fruitiness of the nose diminishes a little. Adding a bit more I get back some of the original nose. I like it better neat (22-23/25)


Neat – Rich, bicuity, sherry, chocolate, a little spirit. Very pleasant. 23/25

With water – Becomes quite spirity, also spicy. Some of the flavours are hard to find. Adding a bit more water brings out a mintiness, and a bit of citrus.

Finish – long, dry. Leather, hint of cocoa 22/25. With water, the bitterness lasts into the finish with a citrus-pithy quality (20/25)

Balance – Neat this is a beautifully balanced whisky, complex, with complementary flavours and aromas 23/25. With water, I just didn’t enjoy it as much (20/25).

The longer I let it sit after the second addition of water, the more it came closer to its flavour profile neat but it never regained the full richness.

The Modified Ashok Manoeuvre (only after adding water) enriched the nose and lifted the sherry flavours back towards the forefront of the palate.

Trader Joe’s milk chocolate did not impact on the undiluted whisky, but did compliment it after water was added. I tried it with TJ’s 85% dark chocolate only after adding water and warming and it worked very well.

Score: Neat 92/100 With water: 85-86/100

@MaltActivist wrote that whiskies like this are the reason he does what he does. I concur with his opinion. This is Sherry cask-matured Scotch single malt as it should be tasted.

I’m glad most of the bottle survived the summit. I think I will need to experiment to find out how much water this expression can handle. I usually like to add at least a drop to my high proof malts. My suspicion is it will either need a little more than I'm used to(like Ralfy), or simply a single drop or two.

Or maybe I'll discover I like it best neat, which would be just fine as well.

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Robert99 commented

@Nozinan I am glad this beauty has developped a nose. I don't remember, did you get it from LCBO? I am looking for it and can't find it and now that I know it has a nose, I envy you even more. I am surprise that you are not mentionning tobacco on the palate as it was for me the most distinctive part of this gem. Is it gone? That would be a shame.

5 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@Robert99 This particular bottle came from Master of Malt shipped to London UK and then brought over by my brother. There have been sightings of this in Calgary and Halifax.

I liked the palate but I admit that I sometimes can pick out different flavours more easily in the aroma. So there may have been leather and tobacco on the taste but maybe I didn't identify it as clearly.

I did find as time went on that the whisky improved in the glass, even with water, but it was like a different whisky an hour after I posted the review. Much more mint and menthol, with sherry in the background if I recall correctly.

I'll definitely have to come back to this. And I'll be sure to save some for the next time you're in Toronto (or I'm in Montreal...).

5 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Nozinan Now I remember that you mentionned that bottle coming from the UK. I hope you will forgive me for asking you again, I have a tendancy to forget when I sample over 40 whisky... What was I saying? Ahhhh... Well.... Oh yes, My tendancy to forget... Do not worry, it was only temporarily: I will remember your kind offer.

More seriously, I really like the Benromach but unlike you, I think I would prefer it before it develops the menthol flavor. Anyway, our preferences about air could be the topic of a good discussion for an eventual tasting session.

Thanks for all the infos!

5 years ago 0

MaltActivist commented

So glad you picked this up!

5 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@Robert99, Tonight I got a hint of that mintiness/ menthol after about an hour and a half in the glass. I added no water. Maybe its just the way this expression develops.

I felt the same about my score tonight, enjoying this one a lot and looking forward to doing so a few more times this year.

5 years ago 0

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