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Benromach 10 Year Old


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@JoePassReview by @JoePass

2nd Feb 2016


Benromach 10 Year Old
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My grandmother's apfelstrudel was the best apfelstrudel in the world. I know it sounds ridiculous but it WAS. It was the traditional Vienna style apfelstrudel, but it was homemade, and handmade by a grandmother who actually met the Czar. I think it says a lot about her apfelstrudel… For the filling, Savta Malka used to cut the green apples, and marinate them in lemon. Then she had to cook the apples with sultanas, brandy, brown sugar, cinnamon and just a little nutmeg and salt. She stirred them until the sugar was just a little bit burned and the apples turned brown and were soaked with all the flavors. I remember the house was full with that deep, marvelous smell… Now, just imagine that smell…

Anyhow… Benromach, 10 years old. A relatively young whiskey, but it is very mature for its chronological age. I bought it to myself for the birth of my second son. Maybe it was just an excuse, but it was a good one. Since my son is still young, I got the new packaging, if it means anything...

Nose – It starts like some sweet fruity perfume, flowery and light. But it grows bigger and thicker. Crispy sourness of green apples, Dried orange peel. Malt is all around the scene, too. Dark chocolate with raisins and nuts. Vanilla. A faint touch of smoke.

Palate – Full bodied but heavenly light. Watery, and Fruity. Malt and caramel sweetness, but I also recognize some ocean saltiness. Raisins, Cinnamon, ginger and just a hint of peat and wood.

Finish – Soft and long enough to bring out the wood and sherry.

A fine, delicate, beautifully balanced, and surprisingly affordable spyside whiskey. A broad range of tasted and notes; The more I drink, the more I see – and that’s not even the cask strength...

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maltmate302 commented

Beautifully written review @JoePass.I have the Benromach 10 at 57%abv and it is indeed a wonderful whisky.

8 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

This is nothing like the Benromach 10 I tasted, bought a few years ago in a 200 cc bottle that I finished with my brother in law in December (we needed the bottle for me to transport some Booker's back home).

I think Benromach 10 YO has undergone some changes over the past few years and I wonder if the liquid in your bottle is not the same as the one in mine. There were darker notes in the one I tasted, and some chocolate, and no peat.

I'm very interested in tasting the 57% version after @MaltActivist's glowing review but I have never seen it here... Sad.

8 years ago 0

Jules commented

@JoePass APFELSTRUDEL...es gibt nichts besseres :-D

My maternal grandparents were also from Vienna, how about that... it was just pure comfort & bliss in pastry from, wasn't it!

And yes, this new Benromach10' is possibly one the best best young Speysiders on the market, a real throwback with something of a 60's profile.

8 years ago 0

JoePass commented

@Nozinan, I am curious to read your impressions. I don't know if there is a difference between the old and the new release, I guess I'll never know (as far as I know the old version is pretty hard to find nowadays).

@jules! comfort and bliss, indeed. You've said it! Although, I was in Vienna last summer and I've got to tell you - the apfelstrudels aren't what they used to be back in the 20's...

8 years ago 0

cricklewood commented

@JoePass, Great review on par with your Oogie review as well. Your tasting notes are just confirming that I must get some of this in my life.Our local Liquor monopoly has it back in stock but the price makes me shed tears of blood. I am trying to see if our whisky club wants to try this next week.

8 years ago 0