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Bernheim Original

Bernheim 7 years aged

4 592

@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

14th Oct 2017


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Nose: very bourbon-like but the sweetness is creamier. Moist vanilla cake. With lemon buttercream icing! Decadent sweetness atop rich, toasted oak. Marvellous aroma.

Taste: full-bodied, with big sweetness to match the nose. Lots of oak. Drinks like a bourbon but the taste in unique.

Finish: long and oak-driven, as expected. Just a tad bitter at the back of the mouth.

Balance: this wonderful whiskey came as a surprise, especially after seeing a few lukewarm reviews describing it as flat and tasteless. The wheat really shines with a dominant vanilla profile. Very well-made and balanced. 7 years of aging seems about perfect.

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Robert99 commented

@Megawatt I agree with you, the sweetness is creamy. I like it a lot even if I would not rate iT over 90. Something interesting is that I find that wheat whiskies are getting spicier with air exposure. After a year opened, I would have qualify a bottle of Bernheim I had as spicy and that is as a whiskey not as a wheat whiskey.

5 years ago 0

Victor commented

There are a few big flavour buffs who find Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey to be too mild-mannered for their taste. I can tell you, though, of the many noobies and intermediate experience whisky lovers for whom I have poured 25 whiskies including many big names, Bernheim Original is among the top 3 or 4 of most universally well-liked among all whiskies sampled.

5 years ago 0

Frost commented

This is one fine whiskey. I need to restock it in the near future. It's a must in any American whiskey home bar.

@Robert99 my bottle didn't last a year, more like 10 months, I'd be interested to try out what you mention for the spicy aspect. From my experience the bottle continued to evolve after it was open.

5 years ago 0

Megawatt commented

@Robert99 Unfortunately mine will not be lasting that long! But it definitely has some spice to it.

5 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Megawatt If the short time it last is a tribute of your appreciation for it there is no regret to have. Mine last because I have too many bottle opened and not enough opportunity to drink them.

@Frost The evolution was probably progressive. I'm assuming it was because that bottle went unattended for many months. It was not the same thing with a bottle of Booker's I had where the transformation occured in a few weeks after months of stability. To have a Booker's becoming very floral was a big surprise. To have a Bernheim becoming peppery was an evolution expected but the power of the spicy flavors was surprising.

5 years ago 0

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