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Big Peat

Don't knock the blends!

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29th Jul 2012


Big Peat
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My first review will be Douglas Laing's Big Peat, a Vatted (blended) malt assembled from such distilleries as Bowmore, Ardbeg, Caol Ila and most importantly Port muthafuckin' Ellen. That's right, you better get on this soon because the magnificent Port Ellen distillery has been closed since 1983 and stocks can only go down.

Don't be put off with the label, it's very unconventional. Personally, I think it's totally badass. That bearded dude's hairdo is totally being blown away by this whisky.

Colour: Sufficiently-hydrated-urine-pale.

Nose: Heavenly! Despite the 46% ABV, it's very soft on the nose. Big peat (duh) along with a bit of vanilla and maybe some sugary/fruity notes?

Mouth: So soft and smooth, feels like blending velvet panties into a bottle. Defninitely lots of peat and smoke here. There is also a fresh grassy taste that transforms into an inoffensive rubbery touch. Also, some spices that remind me a bit of the Talisker 10.

Finish: There is a salty taste here that accompanies the smoke and peat. The grassy taste lingers a bit and slowly fades.

Conclusion: This is one hell of a whisky. I've tasted over 40 different bottles in my short Scotch experience and this one is definitely in my top 5. A total must for Islay fans.

TOTAL: 91/100


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chickenium commented

For anyone wondering, I've used the Reddit /r/scotch template for reviewing. It's a tad different than what is usually used here but I hope it will satisfy everyone.

11 years ago 0

BlueNote commented

Can't argue that @chickenium. I'm into the last quarter of mine now and hoping to hell I can find another one here in BC. The Finlaggan cask strength is another good independantly bottled Islay and reasonably priced. Have you tried it?

11 years ago 0

chickenium commented

I can't say I have! I don't think it's readily available here but I'll definitely keep a note and check.

11 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@chiickenium really nice review. Right on it. For myself, I also get, both on the nose and palate, the flintstone notes that I love so much in the Ardbeg 10, but with way more fruits (maybe sweet red grapes). It's fantastic to have some red fruits that are not crushing the usual lemon, pear and herb notes of those pale Islay. Of course, I'm probaly not drinking the same batch, but I sure got myself a winner!

9 years ago 0