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BIG RUMS that rock your world?

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By @Georgy @Georgy on 17th Mar 2017, show post

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fiddich1980 replied

Foursquare Rum Distillery, Premise at ABV 46% Initial impressions from a freshly opened bottle: Colour: Copper Pipe Appearance: Thick Syrupy Legs Nose: Fruity with ripe Apricots, Rummy Raisins ice cream, Aroma of bulk packed brown sugar, warm and heady sweetness, "Elijah Craig Barrel or bourbon mustiness", lingering dark plums and vanilla honey, in the background floral sweetness with young coconut coupled with a grassy, banana leaf creating an impression of nuttiness. Palate: cloves, allspice, tangerines, pineapple, citrus, lime mild chilies, drying ground cinnamon, a touch of salt, at the back of tongue, minty on the edges of tongue, a touch of acetone, lingering honeyed Dijon mustard Finish: long and complex, drying, a background note of clove honey, and cloves. This is a complex and balanced sipping rum. A whisk(e)y / bourdon drinker's Rhum. I suspect that it will evolve and open up positively over time.

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Astroke replied

@fiddich1980 I tried to get a bottle of the Premise and they were 6 at a time only so I passed.

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fiddich1980 replied

@Astroke Premise is listed on the LCBO app. The app is a SNAFU. I had to complain in person at their Cooper Street store. The manager walked over to the E-commerce HQ to get me the bottle. This was after he tried to order a bottle on-line with his own smart phone and failed. I'm posting in the wrong thread .... more in line with HFU is the LCBO. The app is still Fk'ed up on the Premise listing. Much like the Rebel Yell, a couple bottles get to the odd store then just, as quickly vanish.

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Just picked this up. I think it's time I gave rum a chance for use as something other than a mixer.

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RianC replied

@casualtorture - If the Gunpowder Strength version is anything to go by it should be very decent. I see even rums are at higher proof in the US as well . . . that's 40% in the UK! Enjoy!

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Frost replied

@Astroke thanks yo your link, and the passing of about a year, I have found the rums and style that really suits me.

Mount Gay Black Barrel & Mount Gay XO are what I've settled on for tasty rum drams.

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fiddich1980 replied

I opened up a Barbancourt 5 Star 8 Year Old rum in the hopes, that; it helps to slow down my consumption of the Foursquare Premise. Fat chance of that happening, the Barbancourt being a different rum(agricole) from cane juices is just delicious.

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