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Bladnoch Adela 15 Year Old / Sherry Cask

Red fruits all over your old leather couch

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@DutchGaelischReview by @DutchGaelisch

30th Aug 2017


Bladnoch Adela 15 Year Old / Sherry Cask
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Bladnoch. A brand often mentioned by Ralfy in his reviews when he talks about 'the good old days'. I saw this one coming by, Bladnoch lanched a NAS bottle a 15 yo sherry cask and a 25 yo finished on new oak or port pipes. I'm not interested in the NAS, the 25 yo is really expensive (over € 250,-) and they gave it a finish? Why are they tweaking a 25 yo? Something to hide? I don't know, anyway finished ore not, the price tag is to high, I draw the line at € 100,- a bottle. The last bottle, the 15 yo olorosso sherry cask for € 92,- (Thanks to the low British Pound). Yes, this one seems to fit me, I think this expression resembles the old Bladnoch's Ralfy is talking about most.

ABV 46,7% un-chillfiltered en uncoloured. Bottled 26-04-2017.

Nose: Creme brulée, big basket of red fruits (wow), decent whif of alcohol, old leather couch, raisins, creamy, pinot gris, butterscotch, baked apples, cinnamon. I could nose this all day long.........

Taste: Spiced strawberries, raisins, custard, cherries, cranberries, oak, creamy, leather, vague tones of mint, wallnuts, really well balanced. Takes the 46,7% ABV really well.

Finish: More of the same, red fruit, oak, leather, raisins, long warming after-burn. Lovely!

I really like this Bladnoch, the € 92,- price tag is acceptable for the quality you get in this Bladnoch. I'm looking forward to the new bottles they are going to produce (with age statement please?), hoping they can maintain the high standard.

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Nozinan commented

It should be noted that this is not their spirit. I don't know if some of it contains spirit distilled during the Armstrong years (though form what I am given to understand there would not have been enough produced for a mass release) but their distillate is nowhere near whisky age.

6 years ago 0

DutchGaelisch commented

@Nozinan Thanks for the additional info. It's bottled on 26-04-2017. The liquid should be made in the year 2002, those were the Raymond Armstrong years with a production of just 100.000 litres a year (Raymond Armstrong is one of the reasons for me to purchase this bottle). Lets hope Ian Macmillan can keep the distillers character by using the same stills, oregon pine washbacks, casks and dunnage warehouses.

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

MadSingleMalt commented

The K&L blog today has a short history of the recent years at Bladnoch, and it doesn't really match the impression I always got from reading stuff here (especially from you, I think, @Nozinan)—especially about the Armstrongs' deal with Diageo.

Does this info sound right?


6 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@MadSingleMalt Well, the article is correct that Armstrong originally wanted to create housing and then got PERMISSION with restrictions from Diageo - no chagrin I am aware of. And now it's owned by the yoghurt magnate.

None of that (other than the chagrin) is any different from what has been discussed here previously. It's just very incomplete in the article.

Also, I am leery of trusting tasting impressions from people promoting something they want you to buy. It's NAS but that's OK because it tastes good so buy it because we have 20 cases of this stuff we need to move...

6 years ago 3Who liked this?

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