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Bladnoch New Make Spirit

This is New Make

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

30th Sep 2022


Bladnoch New Make Spirit
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I think it is now common knowledge, but I’ll say it again: I have a weakness for new make. So... when Joren passed by and offered a sample of Bladnoch, I was very pleasantly surprised, because I hadn't tasted it yet!

The new make smells very clean. And surprisingly soft. Slightly creamy, even. The panoply of flat-boiled vegetables is less prominent here, but I get all the more barley sugars. Something of melted butter and mustard seeds. All the way in the background I still get the hint of a horse stable. A little herbal. This is a lot of fun, though.

This also does not burn on the palate at all. Perfectly drinkable. Classic new make with a sweet, a nice spiciness and some earthy notes. Nice and clean and creamy and the type of new make that I actually love.

In the finish I first get a hint of some sweets, before the herbs and earthy notes take over and point out the obvious fact: this is new make.

I haven't tasted that much Bladnoch lately because I had some trouble with it, but I really like this. Could that be the golden touch of Nick Savage, who learned the ropes at Macallan? Could be.

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