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Blanton's Original

Not what I expected...

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@tabendarReview by @tabendar

2nd Feb 2011


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Decent start to the higher end bourbons but dominated by corn from start to finish. Slightly limited in scope but would be good to mix perhaps.

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Victor commented

Blanton's from 2 bottles have I sampled. I actively disliked both. Having said that this bourbon is so popular in some circles that there must be some barrels out there somewhere that I would like.

12 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

@tabender, you might consider trying Blanton's over a few different days, and then include additional nosing and tasting experiences. That would give us more information to see where you are coming from on this. Which high-end bourbons do you like better, and can you say why?

@Victor, I have had my bottle for over a year, and I too, have never developed an interest in it. I'll try it again over the weekend to see what I don't like about it :)

12 years ago 0

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