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Booker's Small Batch Bourbon

The Candy Bar

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@dbkReview by @dbk

5th Aug 2011


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Jim Beam White Label is the best-selling bourbon in the United States (after recalling the fact that Jack Daniels doesn’t technically qualify as a bourbon), but the Jim Beam mash bill is used for several other brands of whiskey. In particular, Old Taylor, Old Crow, and three of Beam’s “Small Batch” series—Baker’s, Booker’s, and Knob Creek—are also based on this tried and true recipe.

Over the last few months, I have tasted Baker’s, Booker’s, and Knob Creek Single Barrel alone and against one another in order to discover their commonalities and their distinctions. The differences among them are subtle, perhaps more so than I would like; still, each is quite good. I reviewed Baker’s some time ago (connosr.com/reviews/bakers/…), and here I review Booker’s Bourbon.

The nose is full of chocolate, caramel, salt, walnuts, brown sugar, and butter, with touches of cinnamon hearts, popcorn, banana, and yeast. It is simply delectable.

The palate is rich and nutty, again with caramel, milk chocolate, and menthol.

Whereas the emphasis of the nose on Baker’s is its nuttiness and Knob Creek Single Barrel is its dry, dark chocolate character, Booker’s shows a sweeter, more playful array of notes, incorporating chocolate, caramel, and salt with roasted nuts. It’s one hell of a candy bar.

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Dellnola commented

You're dead on with the nuts, chocolate, and caramel. It really is like a candy bar. I just opened my bottle and I think it's just fantastic.

12 years ago 0

Pudge72 commented

You were spot on with the 'candy bar' concept. I felt like I was drinking an Oh Henry! bar (getting mainly a salted peanut/nougat/caramel combination, with the chocolate playing a more underlying role than I'm used to with other bourbons). At 63.7% abv, it is a little hot at mid-palate, but I found a nice buttery note when the bourbon first enters the mouth on the sip, before the heat hits.

I will definitely be re-visiting this one again soon to see what other notes I can find. Awesome review and awesome bottle (I love the 'handwritten' style labelling and the straight from barrel bottling that leaves very small bits of barrel char in the bottle...it really boosts the 'old-time' feel of the bottle!)

11 years ago 0

dbk commented

Thanks, @Pudge72! I'm looking forward to your review when you get down to writing it.

11 years ago 0

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