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Cardinal started a discussion

I am at the bottom of a William L Weller 2011, with it being a uncut and unfiltered bourbon there are alot of particulates at the bottom. What have others done with this - filter it , drink it , or dump it . Looking for some opinions on a sinister looking finish to my bottle of WLW.

11 years ago

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Nock replied

@Cardinal I have had that happen with all my George T. Stagg's. And I have done all three options (but I don't recommend dumping it). I currently have an open bottle of the 2011 Stagg and am down to about 3 fingers at the bottom. I will probably use a coffee filter and strain out the bits at the bottom. I did down them with my 2010 bottle . . . and it kind of ruined the last swallow for me.

Just my thoughts

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