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Bowmore 10 Year Old Tempest


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YReview by @Youngupstart

8th Apr 2011


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The first of the Bowmore Tempest releases, a very decent and well priced Bowmore expression that I personally find quite pleasing. In my opinion it is a few steps up from their regular expression line up. N:Light citrus over even lighter caramel, then smoke. Nose eventually gives way to large peaty notes accompanied by brine and light vanilla. B:Thin legs, semi-distant, smallish beads. Not muhc oil is present giving a little insight to the age (not entirely sure any caramel colouring is used as a factor). Colour is a light gold. T:Sweet smoke, medium warmth on the palate (cask strength showing through a bit), followed by touches of citrus followed by more peaty earthy goodness. Brine mingles with the smoke throughout. F:Mouth drying, along with orange peels, a slight lemon zest a more peat. The smoke settles for being the undertone here and hangs out in the background.

Overall a very nice dram. I love this one for any peat woes, as it is an enticing sea breeze next to a peat bonfire. Please keep in mind this was the very first review I wrote in my notebook so it is a little sparse but soon to come are more in depth and experienced reviews. As well, if you have read this far, I am not too enthusiastic about "rating" whiskey. This being said, I will mark simply as follows: <50-Try before you buy, 50-60-Lacking decent qualities, 61-70-Standard Whisk(e)y in my opinion, 71-80-Quality Whisk(e)y but not mind blowing (still got your socks on), 81-85-Wonderful whik(e)y with a very well rounded profile, 86-93-Whisk(e)y milestone, 94-99-Socks have been blown off )100(-Unicorns are hard to find, but once and a while, they may be uncovered.

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michaelschout commented

If you've had the Bowmore 12 before, how would you compare the two?

11 years ago 0

Youngupstart commented

@michaelschout I will put up my review for Bowmore 12 tomorrow and I will do a little cross referencing for you and everybody else!

11 years ago 0

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