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Bowmore 17 year old White Sands


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BReview by @Barnbip

21st Dec 2014


Bowmore 17 year old White Sands
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I got a bottle of Bowmore 17 years White Sands a couple of weeks ago that was opened tonight. I really had huge expectations since I usually like/love whiskys from Bowmore. This one was, unfortunately, a huge disappointment! The bottle cost me 62 EUR, and for that price I expect something really good - especially from Bowmore. My biggest disappointment was the finish, that was fairly short for a 17 year old whisky.

NOSE: The best part of this whisky. Peat, toffee, soil and bread give you a feeling that something interesting is waiting you. Not heavy, but interesting. PALATE: Malt, peat and fruits, perhaps grapefruit. A taste of salt is there aswell. I would have liked it to have more layers of taste. Simply not enough body for a 17 year old whisky. FINISH: Salt and peat is there, but the finish is the weakest part of this whisky. BALANCE: There is a balance in the nose and taste in terms of connection between the nose and the taste, but you never get the feeling that this is a complete whisky. It lacks body and isn't a very interesting whisky to be honest.

This was a disappointment considering the price. It is far better to spent your money on a bottle of 15 year old Laimrig if you are seeking a really good Bowmore.

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vanPelt commented

That's a bummer, I really liked mine and had paid the same amount as you. You didn't get a big dose of peach in the palate? That won me over. But if you're used to the body of high ABV whiskies (like their Tempest), then I can see how it would fall flat. It's terrible to be disappointed. Have you had their standard 17yo for comparison?

9 years ago 0

arulkl commented

I am fairly new to the peaty style and have started to appreciate the Ardbergs, Laphroigh and Lagavulin.

I tried the White Sands a few weeks ago and I thought it was nce. Granted the peat wasn't very pronounced but the caramel and the light smoke and peat seemed to meld nicely for me. I think this would be a great start for someone wanting to get their feet wet with the Islay style malts. I also tried the travel edition Bowmore 17 Distillers Choice and found that to have less of the rich caramel notes and slightly more smoke and peat.

My 2 cents

9 years ago 0