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Box Cask sample Oloroso

BOX whisky cask sample oloroso

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@AlexswedenReview by @Alexsweden

30th Sep 2020


Box Cask sample Oloroso
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This is a cask sample from a few years ago from Swedish distiller High coast distillery, formerly BOX whisky. It was still called box when it was filled so its from some years ago. BOX, or high coast, is in my opinion a cut above when it comes to swedish whisky. I've never had one I didn't like and even the lesser ones is of good quality. This is especially true compared to some other swedes. Mackmyra I'm looking in your direction -cough - cough-

The sample is 3-4 years old according to the bottle and Its cask strength, NCF and uncolored. The reddish hue tells of quite the cask influence even though its not been in there very long.


The nose is reminiscent of A'Bunadh 47. Dry sherry, cedar wood, oak, no smoke. There is a note of jelly candies, like bassets wine gums. A hint of leather, lightly colored leather. Its a bit prickly but not too much. Adding water it becomes more savoury. meaty, The sweetness is still there but the sherry influence takes more of a front seat with some dusty, jet black raisins.


NUMBING. the ABV is at least in the low 60s. Sweet sherry, more of the red and black bassets wine gums. its a bit dry and there is a hint of mint somewhere in there. Menthol. Adding water makes it a bit more approachable, partly due to lowering the ABV I'm sure. It boosts the sweetness and the dryness subsides a little bit and gives way to notes of portwine and raisins.


dry oloroso, oak and meat. Its a meaty whisky almost like a steak. with water more of the port and raisins carry through. A tiny bit grassy, hay.

A bit one-dimensional whisky but that one dimension is, in this case, quite enjoyable. A balanced oloroso influence on a great distillate is never dull even if its not fireworks. As i stated above, BOX never dissapoints. If you haven't had it yet and you're looking for a swedish treat choose high coast over mackmyra, every time!

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cricklewood commented

I haven't seen much of this distillery since the name change (caused by Compass Box of all things) I did get to try their American oak edition while in Calgary and thought it was quite nice and approachable compared to some of the Mackmyra that I have tried. Why do you suppose that is?

I remember watching a video of a distillery tour for Box/High Coast and the head distiller mentioned being very influenced by Japanese whisky makers and their methods (something about a very clear wort and clean distillate) they certainly seem to be quite serious about their approach, I remember seeing these box sets that had all kinds of different cask comparisons and such.

3 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

@cricklewood I perceive box and mackmyra to be one another's opposite in many ways. Mackmyra has always been very focused on marketing. They came on to the whisky scene making a lot of noise and have been quite big on gimmicks like some big collaborations and the rather infamous "swedish oak barrels" debacle. BOX on the other hand have had the opposite approach as far as I can tell. They're not especially gimmicky nor do they invest heavily in marketing. They seem to focus on the distillate instead. I can very well imagine that they take a sort of Japanese approach to their craft. They're also very big on going to expos and are always friendly and talkative about their whisky. With covid ofcourse the expos are rare but at least they always used to bring a lot of cask samples along with their bottlings too.

3 years ago 0