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Bruichladdich 10 Year Old The Laddie Ten

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@BradisReview by @Bradis

17th Oct 2013


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Bruichladdich The Laddie 10, the first ten year old to be wholly distilled and matured following the distillery's re-opening in 2001.

I have really enjoyed some of the releases in recent years by Bruichladdich, created from the remaining warehouse stocks and stocks that the new owners were fortunate to purchase back from many of the independent bottlers. However there is something so right about the new spirit that just seems cleaner, richer and and in a sense more distinctly Bruichladdich.

This is my go to level entry dram

Nose: Initial scent for me is a light sweetness that melds into a lemony citrus (every time i smell this i get images of lemon marshmallow slice that mum used to make for me as a kid). The nose then builds into a wave of strong salty brine with the lightest touch of peat.

Leaving it in the glass for about 5 minutes i find that the brine retreats from being so strong on the backend and is replaced with some richer sweeter notes, baked apples, honey and malt. (22)

Palate: The first flavour that hits me is citrus, lemon/lime mixed with a very subtle peat. This then transforms, flowing into a bit of a sweetness (think lemon sherbert) and then spice, oak wood, cloves. In amongst this you get a hint of the malt/barley that was noticed in the nose. (22)

Finish: For a ten year old this finish is fantastic, its long and flows on from the palate. The spices found in the palate stay on for a good length and mixed in with this the salty brine returns to coat the bottom of my cheeks. With this whisky what i really love is the mouth feel. It is so oily at first and then when you kind of chew on it you get this lovely buttery/creamy feel to it. (23)

Balance: This is a really well balanced whisky. The brine, barley and citrus all work really well together and nothing overpowers the other. (23)

Final Score 90

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