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Bruichladdich 2001 7 Year old Resurrection

Classic confusion

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@TheConscienceReview by @TheConscience

25th Feb 2013


Bruichladdich 2001 7 Year old Resurrection
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I actually meant to purchase the Bruichladdich Classic 01. Having tasted, and enjoyed, the Resurrection on a previous occasion, I aspired to sample the Classic as it seemed to be (from reviews anyway) closer to a flavour profile that I might enjoy even more.

However, the bewildering array of colourful blue bottles confused and baffled me, and in my mindless, slavering panic I mistook one blue bottle for the other and purchased Resurrection accidentally. Alas, I did not discover the error until after cracking the seal and pouring a dram absentmindedly. The nose was too familiar, and by then the azure subterfuge could no longer mask the true identity of this laddie.

A fortuitous accident, however, as this is a fine whisky.

Nose: soft peat and smoke, watery honey, burnt sugar, something herbal or perhaps woody

Palate: spice and peat arrival, in a rough and ready kind of way; develops into honey sweetness, with a vegetal note and some bitterness. Overall, and nice balance of sweet, peat, and veg.

Finish: sweet peat and vegetal with a long but gentle spicy finish

This is the first whisky with a vegetal note that I actually enjoyed. I'm glad for the initial error, though I'd still like to the try the Classic 01 one day.

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