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Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Scottish Barley

A good replacement

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9th Jul 2014


Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Scottish Barley
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Bruichladdich keep churning out some real quality malts and their standard range are still solid options. This is NAS but the tin looks identical to The Laddie TEN. In fact, I have a bottle of the Laddie 10 and so can assure fans of the 10 that this is very similar. This is unpeated.

It sparkles in the glass like a jewelled Chardonnay.

The nose gives honey, floral, apples and vanilla. It is a pleasant and interesting nose.

In the mouth feel is smooth, malty, sweet apples, vanilla, fresh and clean.

The finish is slightly spices, sweet honey. There is a lingering sense of saline but overall pleasant, fruity, fresh.

Verdict... I like it. I rate this right up there with the Laddie TEN and whilst this is bigger at 50% the Laddie is ever so slightly better.

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vrudy6 commented

It's amazing how the average joe out there don't know about The Laddies. I went to a sushi restaurant here in South Beach and they had this one and the Islay Barley and they were both untouched. They were opened, but untouched.

9 years ago 0

FMichael commented

Ok - dumb question here...

So what is up with Bruichladdich?

It seems as though many of their whisky's have become unavailable; I believe it has something to do with their mash tun, or production having to be brought up to modern standards; I'm not entirely certain.

They also seem to have had a few different owners these past several years, and to top it all off - they offer a plethora of what seems to be limited production of whisky.

I'm a fan of Bruichladdich; cut my teeth on the 'Rocks', I love the Laddie 10, and I'm looking forward to the 'Organic'.

Just as they start making a name for themselves as producers of a quality spirit - they sorta go AWOL.

9 years ago 0