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Bruichladdich Octomore 08.2 Masterclass 8 years old

From one Octomore two another

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WReview by @Wierdo

26th Sep 2021


Bruichladdich Octomore 08.2 Masterclass 8 years old
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This review is from a bottle I've had open for around 2 years now. I couldn't tell you how much is left in the bottle because they're a sodding jet black colour that no light will penetrate! From the weight I'd guess there's maybe a quarter left. If not being able to see how much of the bottle is left is a big deal for you the .3 of every Octomore release which is a local barley edition is made of a frosted clear glass. But if you think most Octomores are expensive just check out the price of a .3 and ask yourself 'hang on? Is that in roubles or something?' Oh and the Octomore bottles are too high to fit on the shelf of my whisky cupboard which is annoying!

The 08.2 is a travel retail exclusive that I managed to buy online rather than from an airport.

It differs in a couple of ways from most Octomores in that it is 8 years old rather than 5 and it also has some wine casks in the blend.


(neat) burnt toast, quite farmy, white wine vinegar, a sweet creamy note (condensed milk?!) and obviously smoke.


Bonfire embers (like you'd eat them!), burnt barbecued sausages.

With Water

Unsurprisingly this can take quite a bit of water and benefits from it. On the nose it becomes sweeter and creamier with some cremé brulee and iced buns. On the palate a creamy, bready croissant note appears and also a citrusy lime flavour.


I couldn’t pick between the 07.1 and the 08.2 as to which Octomore I liked best. The 08.2 is a little denser than the 07.1 it takes longer in the glass to open up. I'd say the 08.2 is a little farmier. Whereas the 07.1 has a bit more seaside to it. Whilst the density and 'weight' of the 08.2 is nice there is also something about the 07.1 being more straightforward and doing something simple but doing it well that also appeals.

They both have their charms and I couldn’t say which I prefer.

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