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Bruichladdich Rocks

Chewy and Delicious

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17th Feb 2014


Bruichladdich Rocks
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Directly from the Website of Bruichladdich, "A bracing, light and floral dram that expresses both the marine top-notes of classic Bruichladdich spirit and master distiller Jim McEwan’s lifetime experience."

I wouldn't necessarily agree with the "Floral" Dram description, its definitely there but still a very fine Malt indeed. It was a surprising experience for sure. it says "unpeated" on the label but there is just a hint on both the nose and palate of very very light smoky peat.

Very Yeasty. In the BEST possible sense. such a unique chewy Yeasty dram. I am not an easy to please, though not overtly stingy Malt drinker but when something hits just right, by GOLLY, it hits hard.

Bruichladdich has such a solid base and i am always glad to experience whats new at the distillery....back to the drink....

Its Light on the Nose to me. Nothing too intense. I wish it was more memorable honestly. YEAST! Chocolate on the nose, with a hint of wine. Palate wise??

As far as tasting notes go, i am going to focus on the Chocolate and the Yeast, its really predominate, like a Biscuit(dinner roll). Some Grapes, OAK, and a light pepper. Its not very Islay to me, but its not a bad thing. Islay is my favorite region(arguably most peoples favorite region) but it uniquely independent.

It is great on arrival, with a solid Barley finish.

I strongly recommend this Whiskey and am equally surprised this has not received higher marks.

Very Solid Dram. 2 Teaspoons of water, no ice. let it open up and when you first sip it, CHEW it. You will thank me later.

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My Apologies for jumping around, i was multitasking while writing this review and the result is some jumping around, and quite a few obvious non sequitur.

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It wouldn't let me go back and edit the actual review.

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Taco commented

Pleasant, esp. in warmer weather, but I prefer the Laddie 10. Varies some between bottling years. Worth buying though for poolside sipping.

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