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Bruichladdich Waves

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Bruichladdich Waves

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Bruichladdich Waves

First of all ive purchased this bottle about a year ago,i wasnt impessed by this one at first try but with time oxydation something good happened!After the second half and about 5-6 months no tasting,i put my hands on the bootle again and give another try,and it wasnt the same nose and palate i tried at first,i can taste how it grows after times.

Nose is peated,maritime,fruity,lightly buttered and theres some nice citrus,then the palate keep going on with a well balanced spiced honey and light peat(almost young Ardbeg?)The final is not very long but its not bad at all.

So,when i finally decided to write this review,i looked at the two reviews on connosr and i was surprised to see the poor score this whisky received,for me its a well balanced young whisky,maybe not a great bang but surely a nice dram for someone who loves islay single malt.


Nose: soaked raisins and vanilla. A little more peat than I expected. Some maritime / grassy notes. A fruity, sweet edge coming from the madeira wine.

Mouth: malty start with quite a lot of spices. Another wave of vanilla. Sweet liquorice in the background, and something slightly minty.

Finish: medium-long on mellow peat, spices and berries.

A fresh, fruity and easy Bruichladdich. Kind of a summer Islay malt but nothing special.


Honeysuckle and heather introduce this dram fairly, but the nose suffers the high proof somewhat; smell deeply enough and you’ll find a pleasant whiff of salt and seaweed, but also the unfortunate sting of alcohol.

The sweeter scents deliver on their promises (plus notes of raspberry) and ease you into the taste of this smooth, full dram so fluidly, you’ll scarcely notice you’ve alternated orifices from nostril to mouth.

Though brine and sea air introduce themselves early, the peat exercises much reserve: mysteriously, at least for a Scotch of this price range, it is able to dodge the palate until the finish. It’s not the kind of peat you’ll feel in your nose tomorrow morning; it’s that quieter guest at dinner, donning outerwear in the coatroom – you ask them to stay for another hour and actually mean it. Then, in parting, they deliver that one deft note of conversation that made their presence so worthwhile.

Nice review. I Tried Bruichladdich for the first time recently, an SMWS bottling, which I really enjoyed. This sounds interesting though.

I note with this - and your previous reviews - that you don't dish out stars too casually, so 5.5 stars is probably many peoples peoples 8?

Sorry my scale seems off. I did like this malt quite a bit, but all in all I give a lot of extra points to complexity. If it takes a full two minutes for all the tastes to come through, if I'm still puzzling over a certain note for days, I'll dish out the stars.

I'd give Lagavulin 16 Yr 8 stars (at least).

I'd probaby rate Bruichladdich 25 Yr an 8 or above ... though I can't find my notes on that right now. And to be honest, I don't have the money to buy another bottle tonight.

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