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Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 05.1 169ppm

Average score from 4 reviews and 4 ratings 90

Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 05.1 169ppm

Product details

  • Brand: Bruichladdich
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 59.5%
  • Age: 5 year old

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Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 05.1 169ppm

Christmas tasting at the Water of Life Society at the University of Edinburgh, perfect evening, great whiskies, good company, a perfect evening. To top it off, they had a surprise: a real "punch in the face" whisky and God, was I in for a treat.

Octomore 5.1, the peatiest whisky on the planet 169 Ppm, a malt so good that I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it.

Well, after the 6 preceding drams, one would expect that my nose would be well saturised, but from the moment that the first bottle was cracked open about 3 meters from me, a wave of aromas came rolling in.

Nose: Peat, but not from a campfire, no this is a wildfire of peat, but at the same time rich of fruit: Cranberries but also hints of Orange, Dark Chocolate,Vanilla, a maritime breeze somewhere in there: a faint smell of Salt. There is just so much in here

Taste: And the gates of heaven open: Heavily Peated,but surprisingly smooth, Iodine, Toasted Barley again the fruit, but new flavours like Grapes, but also spices: hints of Cinnamon and Ginger

Finish: a long warm burning but pleasant sensation, a long lasting intriguing taste of Peat and Oranges on your tongue and a warmth that reaches every corner of your body.

To me this one is verging on the divine. The next morning I picked up a bottle in a shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

I finished about half of it by the time I had to return home. But fate (or that is the ground handling services at Edinburgh or Brussels Airport) struck me a cruel blow. I packed the metal container with the bottle inside in a duffle bag together with my clothes. But as soon as I went to retrieve my checked-in luggage at the luggage carousel, a strong smell of peat indicated that things had gone terribly wrong.

Sadly enough,the dented metal container is the only souvenir I have left.

I think you can always edit your review if you want to change the score.

Octomore has an interesting effect on people. It seems to make them buy a bottle. A year and a half ago I was visiting my inlaws in a province where you can get spirits in good variety and at a reasonable price (not Ontario), and we went to a high end liquor store. I was commenting in the Octomore (they had 3.1 and 4.1), lamenting it wasn't available in Ontario, and one of the salespeople walks ip and asks if we want to try it. With no intention to buy I immediately said yes. It was so good, I "had" to buy a bottle of the 4.1 (a lightweight compared to the 5.1 at only 167 ppm). The most expensive bottle I have ever bought myself.

It sits on my shelf until the "right" time coincides with the right people..

The 99 score is high, it even looks a bit unprofessional, but to me personally this is the best single malt I've had so far. Who knows, maybe in the future I will come across other malts that will make this one look like a dwarf and I'm always open for suggestions on drams that may top this one. But untill that day this will remain the ultimate experience for me.


Bruichladdich Octomore 5.1/169 ppm gave me a nice mix of nature and high tech. Because I assimilated the Octomore 'Comus' with 007 Quantum of Solace, why not reference this one with 007 Skyfall. Like Skyfall, the Octomore 5.1 managed to top it's predecessor.

This was very much like the 'Comus' but it had a bit more versatile nose and the taste and finish lingered with a bit more complexity. Smoke could be detected a bit better than in the 'Comus' although it was again a small disappointment compared to the much anticipated peat level. So I'd say that this is a heavy peat but not a heavy smoke whisky.

Bruichladdich Octomore 5.1/169 ppm offered fireworks of peat in a way that only a good chemist can offer. I felt like James Bond tasting the newest gadget by Q. Octomore 5.1 also brought me in the center of nature, weirdly, in the forest. Kinda like taking a trip to Bond's childhood manor house in Skyfall.

Nose: Strongly peaty, yet delicate when compared to the strong ABV and peat level. With a touch of soft smoke, like nosing a bonfire that's been put out moments ago. Very earthly feel with hints of some softwood tree.

Taste: This couldn't be any peatier. Heavy peat and tangerine kind of sweetness with wee smoke. The smoke is very delicate but it has longer impact than 'Comus' had. Delicately spicy and oily.

Finish: Long and lasting, mostly peaty with hints of the sweeter citrus fruits. A bit of smoke but again it's surprisingly delicate.

Balance: In good balance all the way. Keeps it's high peat level attached in every step of the way and offers nice little details on the background.


The latest edition of Octomore wins the peat race with flying colours. No less than 169ppm. But those who know Octomore also know that does not mean they have to be utter peat monsters per se. This one is very, very pale.

The nose is quite peaty, of course, but indeed not truly a monster. It is mildly sweet on corn flakes and has something umami to offer that I can only describe as meatloaf. Weird, but not bad. Some straw, mint, smoke, ash, tar and salt.

On the palate, though, the peat and smoke are present in full force immediately. The meatloaf has turned into (unbaked) dough (nice, but not very healthy). Loads of grains and, surprisingly, white fruit. Pears, mostly. If not a peat monster, it is at least fast becoming a beast of sorts.

The finish is all about smoke, with all other flavours doomed to be insignificant.

The peat does play a more prominent role in this one compared with previous bottlings from Octomore. But it works! Between 110 and 120 EUR. Thanks to Johan for the sample.


Mattle black bottle. 1oz pour at Jack Rose in DC. $14-15. Into Glencairn glass. Pours a clear light golden to straw/Sauternes. Timid beads along the glass. Nose at first is rough with tire rubber and leather and old car. Moves to Ardbeg-like honeysuckle, vanilla, herbal softness. Lots of old library and even musty books. No heat or flammables even at 60%. Even some sweet orange juice / citrus, jasmine. Taste is hot up front then settles down then a long throat burn for awhile. Ahh! Finishes with peppercorn crusted bacon, melted fat. Nose moves to really thick vanilla and pecan pie. Better nose. Harsher finish. Enjoyable, but very hot.

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