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Bruichladdich XVII 17 Year Old

Average score from 3 reviews and 5 ratings 87

Bruichladdich XVII 17 Year Old

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Bruichladdich XVII 17 Year Old

N: honey and cane sugar. melba toast, dried fruits. apricot and ripe pear P: creamy, almond and honey. bittersweet in a lovely way F: not so much long, but good. vegetal, herbaceous


Today I’ll be trying three Brookies H2H. All three are thus from the famous Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay. I’ll start off with the XVII, the regular 17 Year Old.

This one smells wonderfully soft, fresh and clean. Immensely fruity too. Caramel inundated with melon, pear and green appels, coating with some honey. There is even a little bit of banana to be found with a touch of coconut.. Wonderful nose!

On the palate this one is very creamy and the balance between the oaky notes (vanilla) and the fruity notes (and nuts) is simply breathtaking.

The finish is short and drying, bittersweet with a touch of salt at the death.

No two ways about it, this is a grand Bruichladdich (about 60 EUR).

Three helpful reviews! Despite the 8.5 scores on all three, it sounds as if this one ("the regular 17 Year Old) was your favourite of the trio.

Sadly, none of these are available in Ontario or Québec, where I do most of my shopping. I do have a few trips to the US planned this summer, however...

Ah, yes, the scoring trouble. In fact, I gave this one 85/100, the Rum Cask 83/100 and the Black Art 80/100.


Nose: Beautiful, fresh and clean yet remarkably fragrant and evocative, a coastal breeze. Sweet and fruity with the usual Bruichladdich mix of melon and pear/ green apple against light honey and toasty oak. There is real subtlety here and as the glass sits the aromas build with interesting notes of nutty white chocolate and maybe even a hint of banana revealing themselves.

Feel: Slightly firm but quite rich and mouth coating.

Taste: Soft fruit and sweet barley. The fruits from the nose blend with a touch of vanilla and white chocolate yet there is always a sense of crisp freshness to the palette. The oak begins to dry slightly alongside a touch of salt.

Finish: Crisp and bittersweet with the faintest touch of spice, fabulous balance.

While I have enjoyed many an “ACEd” Bruichladdich over the last few years I do hope that the future will bring more full term bourbon cask matured examples. This bottling is quite difficult to get hold of nowadays but it is a great example of how well Bruichladdich and a bourbon cask work together, the balance between the fruit and the fresh coastal elements being struck beautifully.

As a side note 20cl bottles are still kicking around on a few sites.

Ha, just saw your review after posting mine. They are - again - pretty much alike, Stu.

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