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Buffalo Trace

Should be called Buffalo Piss

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@katmandu69Review by @katmandu69

11th Aug 2009


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Tried at a whiskey tasting. Strong nose and hard on the palate. I was talking to guys that work for me about it and one tried it and liked it. He says "It'll cure you when you sick!" I guess they misunderstood that I could not stand this whiskey, so they bought me a bottle for Christmas. Still in my bar un-opened!

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kjarsit commented

Your taste buds are certainly different from mine! What in the world would you consider a good American whiskey? Buffalo Trace is the finest I've ever had for the price. Would you please send me that unopened bottle you have?

12 years ago 0

PDD commented

I think I understand the sentiment. When comparing the typical "budget" labels you can get in the grocery stores, vs. the "premium" labels only available in specialty stores, the quality difference is tremendous. Cheap Bowmore vs. expensive Bowmore; cheap Macallan vs. expensive Macallan; cheap Jameson vs. expensive Jameson; the list goes on. Also includes cheap Buffalo Trace vs. expensive BT. The differences are astonishing. I'd suggest trying BT's "antique collection" labels, such as Sazerac Rye or WL Weller. These are fabulous whiskies, not the crap otherwise that BT sells for $10/bottle at the corner gas station. (or the cheap crap that Bowmore/Macallan/Jameson/etc. sells; I suppose they have to make money somewhere)

11 years ago 0

Wills commented

@PDD which really bad cheap bowmore/macallan you think of? I just know the Macallan 10yo which is very fine for me...

11 years ago 0

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