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Buffalo Trace

Bitter-sweet Bourbon

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@mattbergReview by @mattberg

20th Aug 2011


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I've just started trying Bourbons out again and was impressed with Elijah Craig which I found very enjoyable... Not sure about this one yet

Having tried both neat and with water I think it's definitely better neat.. On the nose I'm getting really bright citrus notes, walnuts, oak and an earthy lime... the taste though is a bit undefinable, starts of oily on the palate with an earthy oaky undertone followed by burnt sugar and dry, bitter leather finish. For me something missing though, depth, complexity and memorable finish, the sought of feeling I had after drinking Auchentoshan 12yo... conclusion: probably better as a mixer and I would rather buy another Elijah Craig 12yo.

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MacBaker62 commented

notmuchclass is just showing how a troll behaves. Be carful? What's a carful?

mattberg, your review seems to follow a pattern for Buffalo Trace's standard Bourbon. Some reviewers love it, some like it, and some outright hate it! Scores as low as 5 and as high as 100 have been given this whiskey on this site. Even excluding those two extremes, your score of 60 is on the low end of average for Buffalo Trace. You managed to find the listed bottle for review, a daunting task seemingly too difficult for notmuchclass to master on his sole posted review. You also kept your review focused on the whiskey in question without resorting to childish gay bashing. Well done!

BTW, be careful that you don't comment on his rampant homophobia, or he'll assume you must be a "fudge pilot" yourself, as he so eloquently phrased it.

10 years ago 0

MacBaker62 commented

....and the infantile homophobia continues from notmuchclass!

10 years ago 0

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