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Buffalo Trace

That Bitter Buffalo

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@cheeserandyburgReview by @cheeserandyburg

29th Aug 2013


Buffalo Trace
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Exactly one month short of a full year since I started on my first "proper" single malt (Aberlour 12), I decided to crack open something new that was sitting in my cabinet the whole year. It was a choice between 4 single malts, one vetted malt, and one bourbon. It took some time, but I finally decided on Buffalo Trace. I recently ended up finishing Glenlivet 12, Islay Mist 8, and Talisker 10.

Since the summers over here are hot and scorching, its not very enjoyable to be drinking scotch (especially the really rich, flavourful and bold type) at the moment. So, I figured it'd be best to pop open something a little easier to sip on as the summer comes to a wrap. (Fall/Winter is when the really good stuff gets purchased and enjoyed!)

Nose - Light butter on the top, followed by caramel, spice, and pepper. Hints of citrus-wood and shy vanilla. Usually the sweetness is quite apparent on the nose on bourbons. In the case of Buffalo Trace, not so much. It's much more subdued and restricted. With water, this all changes, but I'll detail that much more in the conclusion.

Palate - Wood and more wood. Lots of oak on the arrival, wood, sour and bitter notes. Dryness becomes very apparent as it starts to open up, fairly quick arrival, but very gentle. Keeps a very sourish/dry/butter note throughout.

Finish - Very light, and not much happening here. Stays dry and bitter in the finish as well, followed by some spice (peppery hints). However, add some water and this becomes much more enjoyable. In the nose, we get way more sweetness, and a much more balanced bourbon! Butterscotch vanilla come out as well. Taste wise it becomes much more rounded, and pleasant to the palate.

Conclusion - Nothing that stands out too much. I purposely didn't watch any reviews of this before reviewing it and let my nose and taste buds do all the hard work. Turns out my choice was just right for tonight. Popping open something tame, subdued and just right for the heat and occasion. This bourbon definitely benefits from a splash of water, and perhaps in really hot climates, something to pour over the rocks.

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cheeserandyburg commented

Moved this up to 78 points, just 2 shy of 80. Poured this over the rocks tonight (something I'd never do with a Scotch) and it really went from smooth to even smoother. Sweetness, caramel, brown sugar, just deliciousssss! I can see how some bourbon's really benefit from ice. Great stuff.

10 years ago 0

bijalon commented

I just opened a bottle of this. I'm only two glasses into it, so far from really knowing what it has to offer. I noticed a pronounced mint finish to mine. It is a very green, sappy mint. It taste like the flavor comes from contact with new wood that wasn't charred fully. We shall see what time does.

9 years ago 0

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