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Bushmills Black Bush

Very good Irish blend

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7th Sep 2013


Bushmills Black Bush
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After having turned forever away from the likes of Jameson and Bushmill's Original, and then discovering the wonderful world of Scotch single malts, I thought that I would never give Irish whisky another chance. Preparing myself for another malt tasting with my favorite whisky expert bartender, I researched the Bushmill's line before arriving. On my third and final dram for that evening, I told the bartender to choose between Black Bush and Arran Malt. This one was a very easy choice and I thanked him. I liked it enough that I bought a bottle the next day. That was several weeks ago and now this bottle is almost gone and still needing a review from me.

This one is quite difficult to describe because it is in a class by itself. The nose is honeyed and floral, and the taste is lightly sherried and lightly sweet, being extremely smooth. If I had to compare it to a single malt, I would say that toning down the flovors of a Talisker 10 without adding water would be a fair description. After drinking a heavily sherried Speyside malt such as Aberlour 12 or Glengoyne 17, this one tastes extremely floral and entirely different. This would be more closely related to the more floral Highland malts.

At $34 US, this one is worth keeping around so as to avoid drinking too much of the more expensive malts in one's collection when one's judgment becomes clouded. I would also probably venture to guess that this one would have a minimal hangover if too much was consumed. The 20% grain whisky usually alarms me like 10% ethanol in gasoline for the car, but this one is aged for 7-8 years.

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Newkophile commented

The high malt content combined with the triple distillation process endemic to Irish whiskey makes for an extremely smooth, highly enjoyable dram. The sherry finish works to simulate an excellent Scotch blend that is highly affordable here in southeast Florida where a small local store is still pricing it an only $25. If the ABV could be raised slightly to 43%, it would truly be incredible.

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