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Bushmills Malt 21 Year Old Madeira Finish


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@VictorReview by @Victor

8th Mar 2012


Bushmills Malt 21 Year Old Madeira Finish
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Bushmills 21 yo malt whiskey is aged in a combination of bourbon, oloroso sherry, and Madeira casks. The reviewed bottle is labeled Year 2011, # 4008.

Nose: wave after wave of subtle, magnificent, delicious wine and malt-related flavours. Smooth, silky, and refined. Flavourfulness and subtlety ebb and flow as you take each breath. Nothing in the way of a wine-finish nose could be improved upon here. This is already perfect. I could nose this for a week.

Palate: every beautiful element from the nose translates nicely onto the palate. This is slightly sweeter on the palate than in the nose. Delicious.

Finish: a nice gentle fade away like the embers of a fire dying. The whiskey keeps it virtues intact until the end.

Balance: Bushmills 21 yo demonstrates excellent balance, great complexity, and amazing refinement. This has immediately climbed onto my favourites list. I highly recommend Bushmills 21 to anyone who likes wine finishes and excellent noses.

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talexander commented

Hope to be able to find a bottle here one day - in the meantime, I do have my Bushmills 16 which I will taste and review on Mar 17!

12 years ago 0

dbk commented

Sounds really lovely, @Victor. I hope to try it sometime.

12 years ago 0

smokeybarrels commented

Wow, you've really whet my appetite for this one, Victor, the sound you hear is that of piggy bank's and sofa-backs being plundered for loose change! Good work....

12 years ago 0

GregLogan commented

Well I will say that I managed to acquire a bottle at Budget Bottle at a decent price (< $100) and have been very delighted.

I will say that it goes more or less neck and neck with Midelton Very Rare - the latter being somewhat lighter and more fruity but both are very Irish (seems to be a consistency in a certain taste in Irish whiskey from Tullamore Dew to Redbreast 12 to the Bushmill line.

Glad to see I am in good standing the the Victor!

11 years ago 0

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