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Canadian Club 1983 Limited Edition "Black Bottle"

Three Old CCs - Part II of III

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15th Jul 2018


Canadian Club 1983 Limited Edition "Black Bottle"
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This one was distilled in 1983 and bottled in 1989, in a limited edition opaque black bottle with white and gold lettering (it's very pretty!) I don't know how many of these bottles were released, but a year ago I asked CC Brand Ambassador Tish Harcus about the whisky within, and she said it would have been the same liquid as the standard CC released at that time.

The colour is a yellowish gold. Spicy on the nose with light rye toast, sawdust, pine needles, Mackintosh toffee and Granny Smith. Wood smoke. Mocha. Mint. Forest floor. Water brings out some citrus. Remarkable.

Sharp on the palate with more butterscotch, vanilla, bold rye spice and oak. Citrus (lemon pith, grapefruit). The forest floor has gotten mustier (I guess it rained recently?) The apples are not ripe enough yet. Paprika. Very nice but perhaps a bit too bitter with the citrus and oak - though water smooths it out a bit.

The finish is not as long as expected, with balsamic, black pepper and medium-grade maple. After a glorious nose, the palate and finish are a bit too out of balance, with a bitterness that doesn't quite work. Not nearly as silky-smooth as the 1985 I just reviewed, but a bit closer to today's bottling (though lighter in colour and not quite as oaky). Gorgeous bottle, though - definitely a keeper!

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