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Canadian Club's average rating is 77/100 from 39 reviews and 101 ratings

Canadian Club reviews

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Canadian Club

Back to where it all began Canadian Club

Pretty sure Canadian Club Premium was the first whisky I ever tasted, back when I was more concerned with the effects than the quality of the spirit.Nose: a bit of alcohol, a lot of caramel. A touch…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt about one month ago 2 466

Canadian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye

It's a Rye Canadian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye

This is a cheap, well priced 100% Rye that got a lot of raving when it came out, so why not try it.Nose: Fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Palate: Sweet, dry, velvety astringent texture, with a bit a…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg6 months ago 2 177

Canadian Club

In merory of... Canadian Club

As some of you know, my father died two years ago today.In the time leading up to his death and during the Shiva (mourning period) I consumed no alcohol, because I tend not to avoid alcohol when I'm…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan about one year ago 0 9100

Canadian Club 20 Year Old

A polished dram Canadian Club 20 Year Old

Nose: a gentle intermingling of butterscotch and vanilla, along with damp wood. Deeper down I find a leafy/earthy note. With time, hints of orange or lemon zest emerge. Quite mellow yet complex enough…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt about one year ago 0 983

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