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@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

15th Jul 2012


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For some reason this whisky gets bad marks from many critics. They seem to find it unbalanced, "whisky-flavoured sherry". I think this is unfair, since heavily sherry-flavoured Scotches are often favoured by these same critics. Anyway, this whisky sets a high expecation from the elegant bottle, and fortunately it delivers.

The nose is fairly subtle and sweet, with obvious sherry unfluence. I get hints of beeswax and brown sugar. Some spice is evident. Pleasant but not too expressive.

The whisky is light-bodied in the mouth. It has the characteristic tang of Canadian blended whisky but also the spice, orange peel, and chocolate notes of a good sherry cask. There is also something herbal, almost gin-like in there. Most importantly, there are none of the unpleasant, pungent notes that sometimes accompany strong sherry flavour in a whisky.

The finish is rather short and mellow, and again free of funky flavours. Overall I find this whisky to be of very good quality. It is almost too easy to drink, yet it stands apart from its contemporaries and does so at a reasonable cost.

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michaelschout commented

@Megawatt I agree with you; this whisky should be more universally liked. And you're right, it's far too easy to drink!

8 years ago 0

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