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Caol ila 18 Year Old

Tangy on the Tongue - Not Good

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@jwiseReview by @jwise

2nd Feb 2011


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This is another sample I received from the Master of Malt Drinks by the Dram program. (I really love DBTD!) I enjoyed the Cask Strength from Caola Ila, and I expect to enjoy this 18yr.

ABV: 43%

Nose: Smoke and sea air. Yum! Some pear in there, but it is mostly masked by the big smoke.

Palate: A little tangy on the tongue. Frankly, not good. It is a bit light in the mouth.

Finish: Medium finish, with more of that light, tangy flavor that was there on the palate.

With such promise on the nose, this turned out to be a real loser for me. I have a bit left in my glass, and I am actually contemplating pouring it out. It is perhaps "too" unique of a flavor for me. That's it, I'm pouring it out. I just don't want that taste in my mouth any more...

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jwise commented

I poured it out, and I am now trying to enjoy a bit more of the Clynelish 14yr that I enjoyed so much earlier. Unfortunately, the Caol Ila was so bad, it ruined my enjoyment of the Clynelish. That's how bad I found the Caol Ila to be...

12 years ago 0

lucadanna1985 commented

strange, maybe you got a bad bottle...have you ever tasted the 12 yo? Did you like it? and above all, did you buy a whole bottle of that???

12 years ago 0

monty commented

I will say that I've only ever had great experiences with this whisky, perhaps one to come back to down the line jwise?

12 years ago 0

jwise commented

I'm just call'n it like I tasted it. Perhaps the 18yr has suffered from batch variation in a negative direction.

12 years ago 0

jwise commented

Well, I am finishing off my sample of this whisky, and everything is the same except for the foul tanginess that I detected the first time. This time, it is a bit watery, and not very powerful (except on the sides of the mouth). Perhaps it is the effect of the cigar I smoked earlier in the day, but it is quite pleasant now. Perhaps a tad boring? Hmmmm... Rest assured, I liked the Cask Strength Caol Ila MUCH better!

12 years ago 0

PeatyZealot commented

You must have had something completely different from what I've had

10 years ago 0

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