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Chivas Regal 25 Year Old

King Blend

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@McGrainReview by @McGrain

18th Sep 2012


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I'm suspicious of expensive whisky and enthusiastic about cheaper whisky. I think that there is so much exploring to do below £50 that you could live your whole life in a state of complete satisfaction and never spend more on a bottle. There is absolutely no denying though - this is money well spent, all £160 ($260).

I read that Strathisla is the backbone here, but like any great malt Chivas is it's own master. Even uncorking it is an experience, the stopper itself hinting at the luxury within followed by a beautiful clarity on the nose.

Nose: Marzipan, oranges,peaches, a first flush of chocolate. Professional tasters get nuts, I don't. Pronounced, it would be aggressive if it wasn't so smooth.

Mouth: Chocolate. Chocolate in a way you don't get with any other whisky i've tasted. It lends itself to the orange/peach rush just behind it for a classic marriage I just didn't think I would taste in whisky and it takes that tingling spiciness and just tames it. I get a gentle earthiness too, and then a touch of nuttiness (for the first time) but this is a whisky greater than the sum of its parts. Very very full and silky in the mouth.

After: Gentleness abounds, incredible after such a complex experience up front. Smoke is the new addition.

Hard to recommend at this price but worth dropping some hints over with Christmas on the way...

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talexander commented

Great review! I've always wanted to try the famous Chivas 25. I enjoyed the 18 Year Old at a whisky dinner at the Aberlour distillery in May. Nice, but I found it a little overrated (especially next to some fabulous Aberlour's at the dinner!) But the 25 is high on my list to try one day.

7 years ago 0

McGrain commented

You've something to look forwards to then! I haven't actually tried the 18, oddly, just the 12 which I wasn't desperately keen on. The 25 is just complicated. A complicated bottle. First two glasses I had I was underwhelmed - by the end of the bottle I was raving about it.

7 years ago 0

McGrain commented

Just re-read the above and it kind of makes it sound like i stiffened the whole bottle in one night hahahaha, not the case. Returning to the bottle just seemed to yield new experiences.

7 years ago 0

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