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Cigars and single malt

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Blinkadelic started a discussion

Tonight enjoying an Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist , I decided to fire up a Partaga Maximo black label . It's a nice smoke that compliments the drink very well . So of coarse I wanted to hear what others do (or is it just me?) for their whisky/stogie pairings

11 years ago

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FMichael replied

@Blinkadelic I enjoy a smoke myself (to the chagrin of my wife); I have 2 - fifty box humidors; 1 of them has all maduro wrapper (Oliva G series maduro/Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserve Maduro), and the other is lighter shade cigars (Griffin's/Gran Habano #1 Connecticut/Alec Bradley Tempus).

Even though I really enjoy both scotch whisky, and cigars - I find that together their strong flavors are fighting over my palate as to who will stand out more...With that I'll usually have a beer with a cigar (usually Stevens Point lager, Heineken, or a Stella), or else I'll whip up a nice vanilla latte (yes - got my very own DeLonghi espresso maker).

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Bourbondork replied

Actually.....cigar and whiskey, not just single malt. The nice thing is that there are so many expressions that compliment a cigar or vice versa. If I have an earthy cigar I may go with a whiskey that's lighter and fruity or if a cigar is nutty and honeyed, then maybe a rye whiskey. The pairings are endless. For me, sitting down with both a whiskey and cigar is what I enjoy.

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Blinkadelic replied

@Bourbondork that my friend is why I wanted to start a thread of the routine pairings. Tonight I have a Padilla Dominus with its spicy notes going well with a Macallan cask strength. It's a decent combination I think. But to each there own. Cheers!

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Blinkadelic replied

@FMichael I do enjoy a smoke with a nice stout such as Murphy's or a Young's Double chochalate . . But the vanilla latte.... New direction for me I think.

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Rigmorole replied

Tatauje El Cohete and a Glenfarclas 10 year. I don't like smoky or peaty scotches with cigars. Rather, I like simpler more refreshing scotches and even though I rarely drink scotch with ice, I usually pour on the rocks in a tumbler when I am smoking a cigar, which is rarely.

I also do not drink sherry bombs when I smoke a cigar. I chose middle of the road scotches to pair with a good strong cigar. GF 10 is a nice refreshing scotch, but there are others.

I don't prefer long cigars since I don't smoke all that often and I do not let my cigar go out for long and then go back to it. For me, cigars spoil quickly once lit. I prefer to smoke straight through one at a very leisurely pace, and not save any for later. The El Cohete is just right for me as the once in a while stogie. Its diameter burns just right and keeps lit so that I don't feel the need to draw too often. It reminds me of the old Rothschild Punches from back in 2003-4 when they were aging a long time in the warehouse humidors as opposed to now. A light brush across one's lower lip should produce a fermented tingle on the lip from a good "ripe" cigar. That's how one knows it is just right. The wrapper should be a tad bit fermented for that extra kick that goes so well with a nice clean and straight forward scotch on the rocks. Highland Park 12 has also been quite good to me with cigars in the past.

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buoy37 replied

Most single malts are so fragrant, tasty and expensive. I don't dare pair with a cigar. I do like a mild-medium stick with an American whiskey sipped neat.

I'll smoke/enjoy half a cigar to get a good idea of the cigar's flavor and body. For the second half, I'll pour a couple of ounces of that good ol' American brown water to sip while I finish the smoke.

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