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Complete list of American whiskey distillers

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bwmccoy started a discussion

The link below is not mine. I found it via another whiskey related website, but thought some of you might like to have access to this information.

The link was created by a gentleman in Los Angeles. His goal is two fold; 1) to create and maintain a complete list of all American whiskey distilleries and brands and 2) to list whether or not the whisky is distilled by the brand or if it is sourced from another distillery. (There is a more detailed description on the site.)

I can't personnally vouch for the accuracy of the information other than I spot checked some of the local distilleries that I am familiar with and the information listed for those distilleries were accurate.

For those of you with interest in American Whiskey, I hope you find this information as useful and interesting as I did. (If nothing else, I was impressed with the level of effort it took to research and create the list.)


9 years ago

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Victor replied

@bwmccoy and Sku, thanks much for the excellent up-to-date American distillers' list. Talk about a chore keeping this list up: 14 new additions in the past 30 days.

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sengjc replied

There was some discussion on this list in some of the forums I participate in and the concern identified is that a lot of the so-called "craft American whiskey" brands are churned out by a number of big "nameless" distilleries.

For someone like myself who is broadening my horizons with American whiskey, this can be a little off-putting to learn this considering the top-dollar price tag on some of these. I think I'll stick to tried and tested for the time being.

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Victor replied

@sengjc, yes, it does require some research to separate the new US distillers from the 'stealth' independent bottlers who sometimes pass themselves off as distillers. It is quite annoying (and should be considered illegal fraud)...as is the wealth of shell companies which the big American distillers use and refer to on many of their whiskey bottles.

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YakLord replied

@sengjc correct me if I'm wrong, but one entire segment of the list (Part II, I believe) is devoted to identifying which "distillers" are actual NDPs that source from MGP/LDI, and that Part I listed those operations which are actually distilling whisky (some of whom then sell to the companies listed in Part II).

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softailman replied

Very nice list! its a Project to visit some of them next year, when i planning to visit USA!

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