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Concannon Irish Whiskey

Lacking... and skinny...

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@GotOak91Review by @GotOak91

11th Feb 2014


Concannon Irish Whiskey
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Concannon is the bottler of this Cooley distilled 4 year old Irish blended whiskey. This particular drop was then finished in barrels that housed Petite Sirah Red wine at the Concannon Vineyard in California hence the name. The Concannon family are of Irish dissent from around the late 19th century as this is a tribute to their earlier family.

Color: Pilsner Gold/Light Amber

Nose: Light yet fragrant with tart raspberries and cranberries, fleeting vanilla, and gently sweetened oatmeal. With extra time, juicy ripe assorted fruits arise. Nothing very specific just a number lumped together. (Berries, tropical fruits, citrus). Pleasant, a good start.

Body: Medium legs moving at a moderate pace. Watery on the palate kind of a let down.

Taste: Slightly grainy/buttery. Buttered toast with a small amounts of jam. (Raspberry?, Grape?) Kind of one dimensional. Bit of a shame.

Finish: Short. Spirity/Winey. More grains, red grapes. Slight herbal edge. Probably notes of the Sirah taking place here.

Overall: A nice nose then it falls flat on its face. Maybe a longer ageing process, use only malt whiskey, longer finishing time, higher proof or better yet all of the above can give this whiskey some meat on its bones.

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