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Connemara Cask Strength

A Night of Peat #1 - Connemara CS

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@mrgargusReview by @mrgargus

29th May 2013


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So tonight, my impatience gets the best of me and the Connemara Cask Strength I was hanging into finds it way into my glass.

First impressions: - Very light in color - Could smell it from across the room - Crap surrounding the cork was stickier than usual and a battle to remove :)

NOSE: Right off the get go, I'm thinking a nice, strong, but pleasant smelling White Wine. After that - something orange. My nose isn't attuned enough to tell if it's peels or the fruit itself. It's orange though. After a moment or two, I drop my nose back into range and I get reminded of cough drops. All the while, you have the Peat in there, bringing it together but it really wasn't as strong as I thought it might be. The grapes took centre stage here.

PALATE: More Grapes though not as strong as on the nose. This one was a tongue burner with a stiff alcohol burn. Let it sit for a bit and ride it out and it goes away. At this point, it tasted to me like Toothpaste, a minty kind. Kind of sweet. Not overpowering but balanced there with the grapes and the Peat. Again, the Peat taste wasn't as strong as I was expecting.

FINISH: There was something resembling Black Licorice here. It fades out pretty fast leaving a woody, peaty aftertaste. The end was somewhat bitter before fading out.

OVERALL: I loved this one. Incredibly smooth and drinkable for something as strong as it is. Good mix of flavors. They all work well together. Was surprised as it tasted more fruity than peaty to me but both elements were present.

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