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newreverie started a discussion

This thread is dedicated to informing your fellow connosrs about important discoveries in the whiskey world. If you have found a special batch or release that needs to be sampled by your fellow connosrs then tell us about it here.

5 years ago

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newreverie replied

Bookers batch 2015-04 aka oven buster is better than 2015-01. I just opened my bottle and it is sublime. Nose of underbaked cinnamon rolls with the dough still fresh and melted vanilla frosting. Taste is layered with every sip a new experience- sweet, rye, wood, honey, all get a turn as the star. Super smooth. Go buy it now.

5 years ago 0

newreverie replied

The current edition of Stagg Jr is the best bourbon I've had this year. I'll be writing a review of it next week, but after tasting from this bottle I went and bought four more. Proof is 131.9 and if you really liked Booker's 2015-1 you will love this Stagg Jr. It is everything that bottle was but better. I actually prefer it over this year's edition of George T Stagg.

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

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newreverie replied

Price is around $50, but i've seen it for +/- $10 from that price. When i picked up this bottle i got it for a little over $40, and the 4 bottles I grabbed yesterday were $49.99

3 years ago 0

Alexsweden replied

Seems ridiculously low!

3 years ago 0

newreverie replied

Buck 8 now has a huge cult following in Houston. People are clearing shelves. If you find yourself a fan of Bourbons like OGD 114, Weller 12, or Buffulo Trace you may want to grab a bottle before you can't. I'll write up a review of this soon, but here is one from the whiskey jug thewhiskeyjug.com/bourbon-whiskey/…

2 years ago 1Who liked this?

Nozinan replied

@newreverie I don't think you'll find too many Canadians rushing to pick this one up. it looks like any bourbon coming up north will be taxed to high heaven (hill), as we enter into a trade war with the Donald.

Apparently we'll have to learn to do without Jam too...

Good thing I picked up a few bottles on my last trip. I doubt even @paddockjudge has the ability to overcome Justin Trudeau's resolve...

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