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Cutty Sark Prohibition

Sweet on the wallet, Sweet blend

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@Robert99Review by @Robert99

4th Jan 2015


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I read that this blend was very good for the price so I had to check it out by myself. Seriously, this blend has an ABV of 50 and you can have it for less than 40$ in Canada. That's put it in the same price range as Te Bheag.

So let's start with the nose. The nose reminded me of Glengoyne 10 to which you would add a hint of Clynelish 14 and grain. Then you have some vanilla, crystallized sugar and a whiff of smoke. With air vanilla and sugar increase and smoke decrease but you get some wood and spices.

The palate follow the nose. The malt is very nice and offer a nice support to the caramelized peach. The sugar and vanilla are coming back and are taking over and as the malt recessed, the grain reappears with some light fruitiness.

As this whisky opened the balance get better but it is still too sweet for me, but it will charmed those with a sweet tooth. The heavy notes are splendid, the malt is lighter than the Glengoyne 10 and doesn't play with a bitter note like the Glen, but the fruits are more opened specially with air. The finish is all on the sugar with a little fire of alcohol that brings some spices.

In conclusion, those who can cope with lots of sugar will love it and will brag about their buying. The others will wish for a release with less sugar. But I have to admit the quality is big for your money.

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Frost commented

@Robert99 a good review. Interesting to read about a blend with 50ABV. There should be more on the market IMO.

7 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Frost You are damn right about the ABV. Although there is some great blends at 46%, like Big Peat and the Spice Tree. But right now, I am looking for the Black Bull 12 at 50 ABV. My only hesitation is coming from the price over two times the price of Cutty Sark Prohibition.

7 years ago 0

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