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Dalmore Cigar Malt

Warm Comfort Farm

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RReview by @Rigmorole

20th Jan 2013


Dalmore Cigar Malt
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Started out good and grew much better in time. Put a teaspoon of water in my glass after about fifteen minutes. Sipped it for over an hour. At about 30 minutes, the Dalmore opened up and blossomed with a deep, creamy, chocolaty, malty taste experience. The finish, while not overly long, was decadent and richly sweet. Mellowed and deepened sherry, toffee, and a presence of Ecuadorian chocolate and Stump Town coffee. I highly recommend this dram, especially on a cold winter's eve.

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Rigmorole commented

By the way, this Dalmore does have carmel coloring in it. Too bad. I always wonder if it's the carmel I'm tasting. I've heard that it's not very noticeable in the palate, but still, it makes me wonder. I wish bottlers would leave out the coloring. To me, it's like looking at swimsuit models with bleach blond hair, swollen lips filled with cologen, and bulging breast implants. Gross, gross, gross! I like to see the real color of the scotch, not some fake coloring. To me, fake coloring is like cheating. I'm tempted not to buy a bottle of this Dalmore, but I did find it downtown at one liquor store in Portland. I may buy it, or I may not. If I don't, it's because this 12 year scotch is so dark with coloring. If anyone from Dalmore is reading this comment, stop with all of the coloring in your whiskies. It's really lame and sad.

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